The State’s Land Management System: Current Situation and Development Proposals

Author(s): Dr. Sahar Aboud, Principal Economist, ECES
Publication Number: ECES-WP196-A

Improving the State’s land management system contributes to achieving the goals of sustainable development in its three dimensions. Therefore, it deserves to be on top of the national priorities list. Despite the multiple efforts exerted by the government in this regard, the state’s land management system still suffers from many imbalances, to the extent that access to land became one of the main impediments to investment in Egypt. Investment stimulation and repeated incentive provision will not be effective on the ground without providing land at affordable prices and through simple and transparent procedures. This paper discusses the current management and uses of the State’s lands in Egypt and recent government efforts to improve the system since 2011. It also proposes possible reforms of the land management system in light of international experiences. Finally, the paper provides recommendations for improving the system, aiming to address the current imbalances, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the management and use of the State’s lands in order to achieve the goals of sustainable development