Issue 59 April – June 2021 (COVID-19 Special)

Author(s): ECES Economists
Publication Number: ECES-BB59

The pandemic continued to impact the performance of businesses in Egypt. The business performance index declined slightly during the quarter under study (April – June 2021), scoring 49 points. However, this decline has improved over that of the previous quarter, as well as the corresponding quarter in 2020, which witnessed the largest decline due to the impact of the pandemic.

The SMEs index continued its decline during the quarter under study (April-June 2021), albeit to a lesser degree compared to both the previous and corresponding quarters. Meanwhile, the performance index of large firms slightly improved, scoring 51 points; higher than their performance in both the previous and corresponding quarters.

As for the outlook, the expectations for the upcoming quarter were generally positive for all sectors except for the tourism sector. The expectations of improved performance are due to firms’ optimism regarding controlling the new strains and expanding vaccination efforts.

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