World Upside Down

Author(s): Sujan R. Chinoy
Publication Number: ECES-SB246
Issued in: 2023


After transiting from bipolarity to unipolarity in the closing decade of the last century, the world has drifted towards multipolarity. In an era of rapidly shifting balance of power, the US, China and the EU are significant poles, but Russia, Japan and rising powers like India are playing a crucial role in shaping the emerging world order. Power remains fractured today with hedging and multi-alignment being the new norms. The Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine have added to the fragility of global consensus. This is an extraordinary moment for India to secure a strong pole position as it navigates a geopolitical landscape in flux. How is it playing to its strengths and maintaining its upward trajectory? How is India dealing with myriad regional and international challenges as it forges a new destiny? In this insightful new book, Sujan Chinoy brings his considerable diplomatic and security expertise to bear on the key question – how is India recalibrating its strategic thinking to deal with a tumultuous world that often, and increasingly, appears untethered and upside down?

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