Views on the Crisis – Manufacturing Industries (cont’d) Industries that Benefited from the crisis: Pharmaceutical Industries

Publication Number: ECES-VOC#18


Further to the first report on the impact of the current crisis on manufacturing industries as a whole, detailed reports aim to provide an in-depth analysis of the various types of industries. Accordingly, the manufacturing sector was divided into three sections according to the impact of the crisis on it in its early stages, as follows:
1-Industries that benefited from the crisis
2-Industries that moved out of the spotlight
3-Industries that are struggling to survive

For each group of industries, the report will provide an assessment of the situation, based on a detailed economic analysis of the current situation in an example from each group that answers the following questions:
1- What are the details of the sudden change in the value chain?
2- How is the industry affected during the crisis cycle by external and internal supply and demand shocks?
3- What are the measures required to reduce the negative impact or increase the comparative advantage during the time of the crisis?