Views on the Crisis – A new model for agricultural cooperatives in Egypt achieves the required developmental take-off: With an overview of features of Dutch agricultural cooperatives as a pioneering experience

Publication Number: ECES-VOC#32

General Introduction

ECES initiated a set of studies to analyze the implications of the Corona crisis on the various variables and sectors. Now it is time to move to the second stage, which is to put forth the strategic pillars for the post-corona phase in the Egyptian economy, taking into account the new global economic situation imposed by the crisis.
This series of new reports provides a detailed discussion of a set of drivers of change, i.e., issues that, if properly addressed, are expected to cause major developmental strides for the Egyptian economy. These issues may have been dealt with previously, but were not adopted in the required manner and therefore need revisiting, or they may be issues that were not addressed in the first place despite their importance.
This series of reports follows a descriptive and quantitative analysis approach according to the nature of the topic.
Each report focuses on an issue through three main aspects, clarification of the importance of focusing on this issue and the rationale behind it, followed by a quick description of the current situation, a detailed discussion of the proposed change mechanism and timeframe, and any immediate / medium-term / long term changes. Finally, it identifies the parties responsible for implementation, preconditions for success and the most important expected results.