Unveiling the Secrets of Freelancing Success: Comparative Study of Egypt and India

Author(s): Ahmed Dawoud, Economist and Head of Data Analytics Unit at ECES.
Publication Number: ECES-WP236-E


This paper examines the freelancing landscape in Egypt, contrasting it with India’s established market to identify strategies for Egypt’s growth in this sector. It articulates the potential of freelancing to mitigate unemployment, generate foreign currency, enhance job decentralization and support economic diversification. Findings reveal that while Egyptian freelancers match their Indian counterparts in job execution, they face challenges in securing freelance opportunities, stemming from a notable mismatch between their skillset and market demands. The analysis also notes a trend towards part-time freelancing in Egypt, influenced by freelancers’ hesitancy to commit full-time without guaranteed income, contrasting with the more intensive engagement by Indian freelancers. Additionally, the paper identifies significant room for improvement in communication, self-marketing, and crafting compelling proposals to attract and retain clients.