Annual Trends Report - The Rise of Global South: New Consensus Wanted

The Role of MENA in the Green Transition

Author(s): Abla Abdel-Latif
Publication Number: ECES-PIO5

chapter in “Annual Trends Report – The Rise of Global South: New Consensus Wanted”

Given that the energy sector is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and MENA holds more than half of the world’s oil reserves, and two fifth of its natural gas reserves, the MENA region is a crucial component for the success of the green transition. As one of the hottest and driest parts of the planet, the trajectory of climate deterioration impact is more rapid in the MENA region than it is in others. Quick handling of the problem would shorten the duration of the green transition for the whole world given the pivotal role of MENA countries in the global energy market, so why don’t these countries just stop using fossil fuels and start using renewables to fix their emission and climate change problems?

Original Document Sources: ISPI Website, ORF Website, PCNS Website

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