The Resilient Society

Author(s): Markus Brunnermeier
Publication Number: ECES-SB177
Issued in: 2021

People in a resilient society are able to bounce back from shocks, such as pandemics and economic crises.
The Resilient Society, by Princeton University economist Markus Brunnermeier, describes how individuals, institutions, and nations can successfully navigate a dynamic, globalized economy filled with unknown risks. Lacking resilience, societies, families, and individuals can reach tipping points from which they cannot recover. Written for business leaders, economists, policymakers, and politically interested citizens, the book argues that the concept of resilience can be a compass for developing a social contract that benefits all people. The author applies his macroeconomic insights to public health, innovation, public debt overhang, inflation, inequality, climate change, and challenges to the global order.