The Eight Per Cent Solution

Author(s): Nikhil Gupta
Publication Number: ECES-SB270
Issued in: 2023

IT IS A WONDERFUL STORY, but time after time in the decades since Independence, it stops short midway. India is poised for growth. The GDP is rising. The lumbering elephant is turning into a tiger. But the leap doesn’t quite happen. There has been enormous change, but alongside the problems have also been rising. And for a large mass of people, it remains a future of brutal poverty. If India is to meet the needs of its people, it has to consistently generate enough jobs for the millions of youth who enter the job market every year, and build up an infrastructure in which there is enough to go round for education, health and security of its population.

The Eight per cent Solution presents Gupta’s version of a grand unified theory that brings in the neglected but important elements to show how India can finally achieve that elusive target of a higher phase of growth.

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