Real Estate Wealth & Registration – An Informative Perspective

Author(s): Dr. Khaled Derbala, Information systems consultant and expert
Publication Number: ECES-WP193-A

This study sheds light on real estate wealth and property ownership transfer in Egypt, including sale and purchase of real estate. The aim is to establish a practical framework for integrating real[1]estate wealth in economic activity by developing a registration mechanism for monitoring the transfer of real-estate ownership. The objective is to turn ownership transfers from being an invisible economic activity (that is, not measurable, evaluated or directed) to a measurable economic activity that can be evaluated and directed. Consequently, the State will be able to generate revenue from such wealth, either in the form of taxes or duties. To date, there have been no specific mechanisms or clear vision in Egypt on how to integrate this huge wealth in economic activity. The study is based on inventory data and estimation of real estate wealth according to law 196/2008. The study concludes with a proposed framework for implementing an automated mechanism for real estate registration, to achieve the objectives of monitoring the ownership transfer of real estate wealth and integrating it in economic activity, which will positively reflect on overall economic performance.