Proposals for Education Institutional Reform in Egypt

Author(s): Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim, Dr. Ahmed Okasha, Dr. Ahmed Hamza, Dr. Rashad Barsoum and Dr. Mohamed Abul Ghar
Publication Number: ECES-ECC3


Scientific and human knowledge is in constant evolution, which explains the need for continuous development of curricula, teachers, teaching methods and systems of assessment in basic education.

 A single individual (e.g., a minister), regardless of his/her ability and experience, cannot alone meet such demands. Therefore, a basic education commission is essential to carry out these tasks. This commission should be a legal person that reports directly to the President of the Republic. Its main mission should be to improve education from its status quo to become more effective, and to contribute to preparing citizens to interact with the knowledge society, and compete with advanced education systems. In this context, this paper proposes specific proposals for restructuring the education institutional framework, with an emphasis on basic and university education.

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