Macroeconomic Policy

Author(s): Farrokh K. Langdana
Publication Number: ECES-SB233
Issued in: 2022


This book is an applications-oriented text designed for individuals who desire a hands-on approach to analyzing the effects of fiscal and monetary policies. Significantly updated for the fourth edition, the text provides an understanding of the global economy in the wake of the COVID crisis, discussing topics such as pandemic related supply and demand-side shocks, the role of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) in financing COVID rescue plans, the effect of the US, India, Eurozone and China’s post-COVID economies on emerging and transitioning economies, and the resurgence of inflation. This edition includes deeper coverage on the issue of budget deficit sustainability and on trade wars, especially in a global context, and revisits the life cycles of speculative asset price (SAP) bubbles, especially in the housing markets and in SPACs.