Issue 69 (October – December 2023)

Author(s): ECES Team
Publication Number: ECES-BB69

This report presents the results of a periodic evaluation carried out by the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies (ECES) of a sample of 120 private sector firms covering various sectors and sizes, reflecting the opinion of the business community regarding developments in a set of variables, specifically: production, domestic sales and exports, commodity inventory, level of capacity utilization, prices, wages, employment, and investment, during the quarter October– December 2023 and its expectations for the quarter January–March 2024, comparing the results with the previous quarter (July–September 2023) and the corresponding quarter (October–December 2022). Below is a brief review of the key results of the report for the quarter under study (October–December 2023), focusing on key developments in the macroeconomy and results of the overall business barometer index.