Innovation for the Masses

Author(s): Neil Lee
Publication Number: ECES-SB277
Issued in: 2024

An engaging, solutions-oriented look at how cities and nations can better foster innovation and equality.

From San Francisco to Shanghai, many of the world’s most innovative places are highly unequal, with the benefits going to a small few. Rather than simply asking how we can create more high-tech cities and nations, Innovation for the Masses focuses on what we can learn from places that foster innovation while also delivering the benefits more widely and equally. In this book, economist Neil Lee draws on case studies of Taiwan, Sweden, Austria, and Switzerland to set out how innovation can be successfully balanced toward equity. As high-tech economies around the world suffer from polarized labor markets and political realities that lock in these problems, this book looks beyond the United States to other models of distributing a leading-edge economy. Lee emphasizes the active role of the state in creating frameworks to ensure that benefits are broadly shared, and he reveals that strong policies for innovation and shared prosperity are mutually reinforcing. Ultimately,