Workshops 3 & 4: Exploration into the Case of Egypt – Horizontal Issues



Sherif Hashem, Ihab Ali, Mahmoud Osman, and Ihab Al Hagar

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has started its development project 15 years ago due to the importance of information security as an integral part of the digital economy, which is stressed by Article 31 of the Egyptian Constitution. The third workshop addressed information generation and protection as well as cybersecurity. It discussed the most important steps and measures taken by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology to protect information security and the adequacy of these steps. The fourth workshop discussed the readiness of Egypt’s IT infrastructure to carry out the digitalization process. Egypt has made significant progress in the area of IT infrastructure. The ICT strategic plan includes holding 5G licensing auction for local and international companies, as well as the replacement of copper cables with fiber optic cables. The presidential decree of 2017 to form the Supreme Council of the Digital Society is a significant milestone. Now, one entity only is responsible for decision-making.