The Meaning of Justice in Firms



Stefan Liebig

Specifically, this lecture will present findings from empirical research on the following fundamental questions:

Why and how is perception of justice important in a modern society?
What ideas do people have on justice?
Why is justice important especially in organizations?
What are the consequences of feelings of injustice?
Why are welfare state institutions important for economic growth in a market society?

About the Speaker:

Stefan Liebig

Professor of Sociology, Social Inequality and Stratification, Department of Sociology, Bielefeld University & Research Professor at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW)

Stefan Liebig’s research interests include social justice, social inequality and stratification, sociology of organizations, and methods of empirical social research. Besides his academic positions, he serves as head of the German National Coordinating Team of the European Social Survey and as member of the Advisory Board of the German General Social Survey. He is also a member of several associations, including the German Sociological Association; the German Industrial Relations Association; and the American Sociological Association. He has published in the fields of social justice in modern societies, justice in firms, justice and taxation, and health-related aspects of social inequalities.