What does Industry Localization mean in the Egyptian Case?



Mohamed Kassem, Bahgat Dahesh, Ahmed Helmy, and Sherin Abbas Helmy

This webinar aimed to discuss the opportunities and challenges for industry localization in Egypt, with a focus on textiles, pharmaceuticals, furniture, and electrical appliances. The global trend towards industry localization is increasing following the sever disruptions in the production chains caused by COVID-19. The potentials of localization differ from one industry to another, but there are broad lines that must be taken into account regardless of the type of industry. Localization does not necessarily mean that all production stages take place in own country. It rather means doing so as much as possible. Achieving economic efficiency is the determinant as localization should not entail higher production cost. Speakers called for carrying out structural reforms and solving the institutional problems suffered by manufacturing to strengthen the ability to attract investments in industry localization.

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