Handicrafts in Egypt: Are We on the Right Track?



Multiple Speakers

Egypt has a rich and diverse heritage of handicrafts that stems from its rich history throughout the various eras. It is also abundant in skilled labor that is already working in this field, particularly women, and is estimated to be at least 2 million workers, with individual successes in all handicrafts. Thus, Egypt has all the preconditions for producing unique handicrafts that would occupy a global position and support not only Egyptian exports but also other sectors such as tourism, not to mention its contribution to poverty alleviation. However, this is not currently the case, which raises a critical question: Why wouldn’t these individual successes turn into a tangible sectoral success at the macro level?

This conference sought to find an answer to this question and to all other relevant questions. Specifically, it aimed to put forward specific proposals for correcting the path. The ultimate goal was to support decision makers in Egypt in their efforts towards upgrading the handicrafts industry to reach the position it truly merits.

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