Demand in Egypt’s Labor Market – Y1 Q4



Hisham Okasha, Abla Abdel-Latif, Ahmed Dawoud, and Hanan El-Sheikha.

The findings of Y1-Q4 analysis revealed that the Egyptian economy does not produce enough jobs. Job creation is severely slow nationwide and has declined during the surveyed quarter for blue-collar jobs. Overall, job creation is highly volatile, though the problem is less severe for white collars compared to blue collars. The analysis also shows weak and declining job creation in the manufacturing sector in general, and in Upper Egypt in particular.
ECES conducted this analysis every quarter over the course of 2022 and will continue throughout 2023. The dashboard containing detailed findings of the analysis has been widely used over the past months, especially in academic research and skill development centers, both in public and private universities such as the American University in Cairo.

Jobs Demand Dashboard Link: