Egypt’s Economic Crises/The Way Out and Possible Solutions

This series of working papers aims to support the economic reform in Egypt through a set of policy recommendations that would contribute to placing the Egyptian economy on the right track.

Water Sustainability in Egypt (4/4): A Dam Shame: Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan

  • 19-09-2022
  • Author(s): Mirette F. Mabrouk
  • Publication Number: ECES-EEC9

Water Sustainability in Egypt (2/4): Irrigation – Reality, Challenges, Problems and Solutions

  • 23-06-2021
  • Author(s): Hatem El-Azzawy
  • Publication Number: ECES-EEC7

Proposals for Education Institutional Reform in Egypt

  • 14-03-2017
  • Author(s): Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim, Dr. Ahmed Okasha, Dr. Ahmed Hamza, Dr. Rashad Barsoum and Dr. Mohamed Abul Ghar
  • Publication Number: ECES-ECC3

Tax Policy Reform in Egypt

  • 20-12-2016
  • Author(s): Dr. Mostafa Abdul Qader
  • Publication Number: ECES-ECC2

Alternative Vision for Investment Legislations Reform

  • 05-12-2016
  • Author(s): Dr. Ziyad Bahaa El-Din
  • Publication Number: ECES-EEC1
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