Distinguished lectures

This program brings to Egypt international scholars and practitioners reputed for their important contributions to economic thought and policy formulation. The gathering provides a forum for prominent economists to articulate and exchange views and experiences with selected audiences from government, business and academia.

Towards Meeting the Challenge of Desert Land Reclamation in Egypt

  • 05-02-2017
  • Author(s): Atter Hannoura and Jan Hak
  • Publication Number: 34

Making Social Protection Work for Women: Lessons from International Experience

  • 18-01-2017
  • Author(s): Shahra Razavi
  • Publication Number: 33

The Growth Effect of Democracy: Is It Heterogeneous and How Can It Be Estimated?

  • 14-03-2011
  • Author(s): Torsten Persson and Guido Tabellini
  • Publication Number: 32

Macroeconomic Reforms in Egypt and Resilience to Shocks: Lessons from the Great Recession

  • 16-11-2010
  • Author(s): Peter Montiel
  • Publication Number: 31

Protecting the Poor Against the Next Crisis

  • 09-03-2010
  • Author(s): Ravi Kanbur
  • Publication Number: 30

Development in the Arab World: The Region is at a Cross-roads

  • 08-12-2009
  • Author(s): Abdel Latif Youssef El Hamed
  • Publication Number: 29

Liquidity: Lessons from the Current Turbulence

  • 16-12-2008
  • Author(s): John Eatwell
  • Publication Number: 28

Great Moderation and Inflation Targeting in the World

  • 17-12-2007
  • Author(s): Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel
  • Publication Number: 27

Corruption and Economic Activity

  • 12-12-2006
  • Author(s): Vito Tanzi
  • Publication Number: 26

Egypt’s Oil and Gas: Some Crucial Issues

  • 12-09-2006
  • Author(s): Robert Mabro
  • Publication Number: 25
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