Africa in the New Trade Environment

Author(s): Souleymane Coulibaly, Woubet Kassa, Albert G. Zeufack
Publication Number: ECES-SB195
Issued in: 2022

Africa represents a small share of global production and trade, while hosting half of the extreme poor worldwide. To catch up with the rest of the world, there is no alternative: the continent needs to link its production and trade to the global economy to take advantage of unlimited demand and innovation along the supply chain. The book presents a strategy to bolster Africa’s market access in the current global environment. It explores three key areas “the impact of trade agreements (unilateral, regional, and multilateral) with traditional partners (the United States and the European Union) and a way forward; the role of new market frontiers in Asia both from the perspective of restructuring economies in the region as well as changing global value chains (GVCs) and their implications for Africa; and finally an inward examination of the promise and challenges of regional trade and value chains. The book meticulously explores ways to maximize Africa’s access to the two leading world markets “the European Union and the United States “while at the same time diversifying market access to the emerging Asian market.