Dr. ABLA ABDEL-LATIF - Executive Director and Director of Research


Dr. Abla Abdel Latif is currently the Chairwoman of the Presidential Advisory Council for Economic Development; a Member of the Central Bank of Egypt’s Coordinating Council, and Board Member of the National Bank of Egypt – the first female in this position.
In 2013, she was honored with membership of the Committee of Fifty, whose mission was to draft Egypt’s Constitution following June 30, 2013. In that capacity, she was officially representing the Egyptian Federation of Industries, and one of only five women in the Committee.  She is also a cofounder and Board Member of BASEERA (the Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research), and “El Nidaa” Foundation for job creation for women and youth.

In addition to her teaching career as Professor of Economics at the American University in Cairo (AUC) for over twenty years, she has been a Research Fellow at the Economic Research Forum (ERF) and has authored a large number of publications in class A internationally refereed Journals. She has also been a senior international expert in several UNIDO projects and other international organizations.
Her professional experience is also extensive, starting from being the Policy Unit Manager in the Industrial Modernisation Centre (IMC) to being the Minister of Industry’s Advisor shortly after the 25th of January Revolution and up to a year ago when she became the main economic advisor to the President of the Republic.

Dr. Abla received a special award for outstanding achievement and excellence in research from Sussex University in the UK and another faculty excellence teaching award from the American University in Cairo. She is an Egyptian national with a B.A. in economics from the American University in Cairo (AUC) (with highest honors) and an M.A. and Ph.D. in economics from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California.

MAGDA AWADALLAH - Deputy Executive Director for Finance and Administration


Magda Awadallah is currently ECES Deputy Executive Director for Finance and Administration. She is responsible for the entire day-to-day activities, follow-ups and supervision of the finance and administration functions of the Center, including information technology, fundraising and public relations. Previously, she held senior positions in several international organizations. In the Global Capital Group, she assumed all administrative and financial responsibilities, which involved the setup of the administrative and financial system of the company. In Arthur Andersen, she was the financial controller and human resource manager of the USAID-funded privatization project (PP II); her duties included management of the overall accounting function for the project, budget preparation and analysis. She also worked as finance and accounts manager of the USAID-funded National Council of Negro Women, Inc. (NCNW); the International Development and Energy Associates (IDEA); Louis Berger International, Inc. (LBII); and the UNDP/FAO Regional Fisheries Project. Her experience exceeds 30 years in providing financial and administrative support to non-government organizations and USAID-funded projects as well as audit requirements.

RACHA SEIF EL-DINE - Senior Economist


Racha has over ten years of experience in the development of economic policies, strategies and reports. She also participated in the preparation and follow-up of several files, including the Egyptian-European relations and the Egyptian-American relations in trade and industry.

She holds a Master's degree and B.A. in Economics from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, French Department, Cairo University. Her research interests include international trade, international competitiveness and environmental economics.



Nadine joined ECES in 2011. She holds an MSc in Economics from the University of Bristol, the United Kingdom, and a BSc in Statistics from Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University. Her research interests include economic growth, international trade and energy economics.

HODA EL ABBADI - Economist


Hoda El-Abbadi holds an M.A. in Economics and a B.Sc. in Actuarial Science from the American University in Cairo (AUC). She is currently pursuing to be an Associate of the Society of Actuaries (ASA). Previously, she worked as an Actuarial Accountant in the Business Planning unit of Allianz. Her main research interest is Econometrics.

ALIAA ABDALLAH - Research Analyst


Obtained Bachelor’s Degree from The Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences, English Section, Cairo University. Main research interests are Law and Economics, Banking and Financial Institutions and International Finance.

YARA HELAL - Research Analyst


Yara Helal obtained her bachelor from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science - English Section; Cairo University, with major economics and minor political science. She is currently working on her MA thesis "Unbalanced Regional Growth within Egypt and Agglomeration of Industries". Her research interests include: Spatial economics, industrial organizations, econometrics and economics of ICT.

AHMED DAWOUD - Research Analyst


He holds BA in economics from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, with major economics and minor statistics. His main research interests include law, economic development, digital economy and social justice.

KHALED WAHID - Head of Statistics Department


Mr. Wahid’s professional expertise is in conducting statistical analyses for economic studies in the fields of industry, foreign trade and in following up and analyzing international reports. He previously worked as senior statistical analyst at the Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade. He contributed to the preparation of a report on strategic goods by Bloomberg. He also contributed to the preparation of statistics for the Qualifying Industrial Zones (QIZ) convention.  He was a member of the Egyptian delegation in the negotiations with the US trade representative for including new industrial zones in Upper Egypt in the QIZ, and contributed to several joint committees of the same convention. He also contributed to developing the Qualifying Industrial Zones Unit strategy to increase exports.

His interests include research and prospecting for data in the field of industry and trade for the development of the national economy.

HOSSAM KHATER - Assistant Researcher


Previously, he was data entry specialist at the Cabinet's Social Fund for Development where he also was responsible for the supervision and follow-up of registered civil societies that receive grants from European Union (DANIDA).  He holds a B.Sc. from the Faculty of Commerce, Banha Univeristy.

AHMED MAGED - Assistant Researcher


Previously, he was head of the team responsible for follow-up at the Cabinet's Social Fund for Development.  He holds a B.Sc. in Commerce from Zagazig Univeristy.

YASSER SELIM - Managing Editor


A professional linguist with more than twenty years of experience as a translator/editor. Besides his current position as ECES managing editor, Mr. Selim is a part-time translation instructor at the American University in Cairo. Previously, Mr. Selim worked as a freelance reporter and writer for a number of English language newspapers.

FATIMA ALI - Editor/Translator


Fatma is currently editor/translator at the ECES. Previously, she worked as a legal translator with various USAID contractors including Chemonics International, General Dynamics and GTE Corporation. Fatma obtained her B.A. in English from the Faculty of Alsun, Ain Shams University.



Kadry El Sayed is currently Information Technology Manager at the ECES. He obtained both his B.Sc. in systems and computers and a software engineering diploma from Al Azhar University. He is also a Microsoft Certified Professional MCP for Windows NT server and Microsoft EXCEL. Kadry is a member of the Information Security Audit and Control Association (ISACA).



Previously, he worked as accountant at ElEmbaby pharmacy and OM ELKORA Company for Real Estate Investment. Ebrahim holds a B.Sc. in accounting from the Faculty of Commerce, Nile Higher Institute for Science and Technology.


WALIED EL-TORKY - Digital Communication Supervisor


Walied joined the ECES on April 2017. Previously, he worked with Vodafone Egypt where he held various roles in Customer Care, Internet Support and HR Internal Communication. Walied obtained his B.Sc. of Commerce (English Section) from Assiut University, and has advanced experience in the areas of Digital Business, Communication, Customer Experience, Training and Design.

MOHAMED LEHETA - Senior Accountant


Mohamed Leheta is a senior accountant at the ECES since 2000. Previously, he worked with Allianz Group. Mohamed obtained his B.Sc. of Commerce from Ain Shams University, and has extensive experience in the areas of USAID-funded projects and audit requirements.

AMANI MEDHAT - Executive Assistant to the Executive Director


Amani Medhat is executive assistant to the executive director and director of research. Previously, she worked with several prominent organizations including Price Waterhouse, KPMG (Hazem Hassan & Co.), and Advanced Computer Technology (ACT). Amani graduated from the faculty of Commerce, Cairo University.

MOHAMED ATEF - Staff Assistant


Mohamed holds a B.Sc. in Sales & Marketing from Faculty of Commerce - Banha University



OMAR MOWAFY - Support Staff


SOBHY HUSSEIN - Support Staff


TAREK ABDEL BAKY - Support Staff