Working Papers

Decentralization as a Major Mechanism for Institutional Reform in Localities

Publication Number: ECES-WP188-A

June, 2017

Author : Dr. Reda Farahat

Type : Working Papers

This study examines institutional reforms aimed at introducing fundamental changes in public administration with a view to improving performance and enhancing the efficiency of existing administrative systems. The manner of achieving this is by changing beliefs, attitudes, values ​​and the regulatory environment, to be more in line with modern technological development and market challenges. Also, by assuaging citizens' concerns and effecting a qualitative reap in service provision while reducing cost and transforming service management from a bureaucratic approach to a commercial or economic one. This can transpire through privatization or the self-operation of services via modi operandi that are more flexible; the move toward greater decentralization; and involving official and community institutions in the making of important decisions and bearing their consequences. It is worth noting that the need for reform is a continuous dynamic process. It does not necessarily mean the existence of ailments that need addressing, but that reform is a constant requirement as long as the civil service continues to exist.