Human Capital in Egypt: The Road to Sustainable Development

Publication Number: ECES-BK14E

October, 2013

Author : Edited by Magda Kandil

Type : Books

ECES, in collaboration with the American University in Cairo Press, published a volume entitled Human Capital in Egypt: The Road to Sustainable Development. Although Egypt has made significant progress towards reviving economic growth, unemployment remains persistently high and a significant increase in job opportunities is still needed to absorb the increasingly growing labor force. Egypt’s labor market is characterized by significant annual increases in the labor force, with the challenge to absorb around 700,000 new entrants to the labor market annually. Other labor-related problems include low female participation, excessive government employment, a high percentage of people in non-decent employment, low productivity and wages, and high unemployment among youth and women. In addition, there is a significant mismatch between available skills and labor market requirements. Last but not least, weak social protection programs preclude the generation of enough decent work opportunities.