Working Papers

Vulnerable Employment In Egypt

Publication Number: ECESWP165-A

November, 2011

Author : Somaya A. Abdel Mowla

Type : Working Papers

This study aims to assess vulnerable employment in the Egyptian labor market, examine its determinants and analyze the main factors that influence the probability of escaping vulnerable employment. Empirical findings point out that the main determinants of vulnerable employment are sector of work, gender and education, in that order. Overall, working in agriculture, being female and having a low level of education increase the incidence of vulnerable employment. For males, education and working in agriculture and trade are the most important determinants; while education, region, marital status and working in agriculture and trade are the most important determinants among females. Gender is deemed a major factor influencing the probability of escaping vulnerable employment, where males have a higher probability. Other important factors include wealth, education and being a head of the household. Working in agriculture increases the probability of staying vulnerable. To conclude, the study stresses that the policy interventions needed to address vulnerable employment should be based on an integrated approach and implementation phased over short and longer time horizons.