Policy Viewpoints

The Egyptian Economy Post-January 25: Challenges and Prospects

Publication Number: ECES-PVP27-E/A

May, 2011

Author : Magda Kandil

Type : Policy Viewpoints

This edition of Policy Viewpoint looks into the developments of the Egyptian economy leading up to the January 25 revolution and highlights the shortcomings that may have contributed to the social discontent. The purpose is to offer a forward-looking and bird’seye view strategy to tackle challenges and structural bottlenecks, and to drive reforms and macro policies towards securing a better future for the Egyptian economy. More specifically, the viewpoint starts with an overview of the Egyptian economy to highlight recent achievements and shortcomings. It then takes stock of the near-term economic consequences of the revolution and the challenges ahead with a view to suggesting a menu of macroeconomic and structural policies that should top the list of priorities in the period ahead, deferring more sector-specific recommendations upon further analysis in future editions of policy viewpoint.