Working Papers

Promoting Farm/Non-Farm Linkages for Rural Development in Egypt

Publication Number: ECESWP159-E

August, 2010

Author : Soheir Abouleinein, Naglaa El Ehwany, Heba El-Laithy and Abdel Azim Mustafa

Type : Working Papers

This study discusses linkages between the farm and the non-farm subsectors with a view to promoting rural development in Egypt. Drawing on international experience regarding the reforms needed to strengthen those linkages, the paper addresses the following questions: what are the types and extent of interrelationships in Egypt between the agricultural sector and the rest of the economy on one hand, and between the farm and non-farm sectors, on the other? Are the existing institutions capable of efficiently promoting the farm/non-farm linkages in a way that creates incomes and employment opportunities, hence developing rural Egypt and reducing poverty? How to promote rural development and farm/non-farm linkages in the case of Egypt in order to create job opportunities and income, especially for the poor? To conclude, the paper recommends increasing efforts on two fronts: first, reforming the institutions responsible for rural development and second, developing activities and projects that enhance farm/non-farm linkages.