Working Papers

Public Private Partnership in Providing Educational Services: Lessons for Egypt

Publication Number: ECESWP139-A

September, 2008

Author : Abdullah Shehata Khattab

Type : Working Papers

This paper discusses public-private partnerships (PPPs) as a means of providing public services, especially in the area of educational support services. The aim is to offer proposals for reform in light of international literature and experience. The study notes that PPPs have witnessed a boost in Egypt with the implementation of the economic reform program and granting the private sector a more active role in economic activity. Allowing the private sector to provide educational support services (e.g., building, maintaining, operating and financing schools) is a step in this direction, as it helps provide services and alleviate the burden on the treasury. However, it is important to conduct a cost/benefit analysis to ensure that the services provided by the private sector are less costly than other available alternatives, and to ensure proper compliance with quality standards. Although the study favors this form of partnership, as it does not involve provision of education itself, a gradual approach is advisable to expand the role of the private sector in providing educational services, subject to setting up a quality assurance and accreditation authority.