Strategic Direction

The Center’s strategic direction rests on the fundamental goal of contributing to sustainable development in Egypt on the basis of combined economic efficiency and social justice. The issues addressed by ECES are varied in nature. Their selection is driven by the challenges facing the Egyptian economy and the need for fresh ideas to address them. In recent years, ECES dealt with monetary policy and exchange rate regimes, fiscal policy, industrial policy, investment stimulus policies, geographical equity, subsidy policy reform, tax system reform, the informal sector, issues of poverty reduction and income redistribution, human capital, health and education reform, energy efficiency, productivity and other critical issues for the Egyptian economy. Research is conducted in-house by ECES staff, but large-scale activities are usually carried out in collaboration with experts and like-minded think tanks.


ECES disseminates its research widely through the organization of conferences, seminars, lectures and roundtable discussions. The objective of these events is to provide a forum for constructive discussions among policymakers, the private sector, parliamentarians, civil society, academia and the media. In addition, the Center produces a variety of publications, (downloadable free of charge at, and engages the wider public through its social media platforms (