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Governance Index for Africa: Mo Ibrahim Foundation Initiative

Date : 10/20/2019

Speakers : Multiple Speakers

The African continent has historically been rich not just in its natural resources but also in capital and the potential of its youth. Many countries and world powers realizing the potential of these assets have contributed to several investments in lucrative industrial, infrastructure and commodity projects. While these projects are positive, they serve interests of foreign corporations and nations, more than they achieve on the long-term benefit of the African people.

Sustainable development in Africa has to come from within and with the collective efforts of all African countries North, Central and South. This means revealing African talent, supporting startups, and linking SMEs with corporations. It is imperative to integrate all capacities to facilitate trade, investments and development within the continent. A key precondition to all this is to understand how Africa functions; a key contribution to that end is the Mo Ibrahim Foundation producing its Ibrahim Index of Africa Governance (IIAG) over 12 years.

ECES has the honor of inviting Mo Ibrahim Foundation to Egypt to present its 2018 report.