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Handicrafts in Egypt: Are We on the Right Track?

Date : 9/11/2019

Speakers : Multiple Speakers

Egypt’s heritage in handicrafts is rich, unique and diversified; all stemming from its long history.  In addition, Egypt has abundance in labor many of whom are involved in handicrafts.  It is estimated that at least 2 million people are already working in this sector; mostly women.  If Egypt has all the preconditions for occupying a distinguished position on the world map of handicraft producers, why is success limited to individual initiatives and why are we importing handicrafts from China?  

This seminar seeks to find an answer to these basic questions and to all other detailed questions that follow. It aims to put forward specific proposals for correcting the path with the ultimate goal of supporting Egyptian decision makers in their efforts towards upgrading the Egyptian handicrafts industry to reach the international positioning it deserves.