Distinguished Lectures

The Famine Next Door: Africa Is Burning, the North Is Watching

Date : 9/4/2019

Speakers :

Dr. Benny Dembitzer's newest publication, 2018

The book explains why the push factors from Africa- insecurity, climate change, lack of space and water, population growth, decreasing arable land, exploding cities – are much more powerful than the pull factors of Europe. Most would-be migrants understand the perils involved in crossing the Sahara, risking their lives in Libya in trying to reach Italy or Greece, but they have little choice. It examines the issues and makes suggestions on how the North could realistically help tackle some of the most immediate challenges confronting some of poorest people on earth. It tries to explain how the migration crisis that has hit Europe is not the result of the attractions of Europe to would be migrants, but rather the need to escape what are already intolerable situation of climate change, overpopulation, degraded lands and shortages of water.