Economic Crises in Egypt: the Way out and Possible Solutions

Egypt: A Year From New Economic Reform Program

Date : 11/28/2017

Speakers : Dr. Ziad Bahaa Eldin, Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of International Cooperation; Dr. Ahmed Galal, Former Minister of Finance; Mr. Hisham El Khazindar, Managing Director Qalaa Holdings; Mr. Mohamed Abou Basha, Senior Economist and Head of Macroeconomic Analysis EFG Hermes; Mr. Hany Genena, Assistant Sub-Governor, Central Bank of Egypt (CBE)

This roundtable attempted to provide an initial assessment of Egypt's economic reform program. While a full assessment needs years to study the complete impact of reforms, this initial assessment addressed the implications of the reform program for the macroeconomic sectors, businesses and and social justice.