Economic Crises in Egypt: the Way out and Possible Solutions

How to get out of Dispersed Databases Dilemma?

Date : 4/3/2017

Speakers : Dr. Nidal Saeed, President of Egyptian Parliament's Communication Committee

Databases take various forms: the national ID number, social security, taxation data, real estate assets and production capacity. A unified mechanism for revising, designing and updating databases should be put in place to benefit from government transfers. In this context, the Parliament’s Communications and Information Technology Committee proposed the establishment of a national committee for database management with the membership of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. Databases should be used in building the technological infrastructure and in all ministries, such as the Ministries of Interior, Housing, Health, supplies and others. Data collection should also be though these ministries. For example, the Ministry of Interior’s data contributes by 20 percent to 30 percent in the construction of unified databases.