Roundtable Discussions

Towards a Better Quality of Life in Rural Egypt

Date : 5/10/2016

Speakers : Multiple Speakers

Achieving inclusive growth and social justice will not be possible without improving the quality of life in Egyptian villages, where 64 percent of the population live. In line with ECES’s strategic direction and in cooperation with the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS), the Center used a survey conducted by CAPMAS in 2015 on the characteristics of rural Egypt to develop a quality of life index for the Egyptian villages. The aim is to classify villages according to priority needs and hence the required interventions. The purpose is to maximize the positive impact on Egyptian citizens and achieve social justice.


Hisham El-Helbawy, Advisor to the Minister of Local Development;

Reda Farahat, Qalioubeya Governor; and

Abu Bakr Al-Gendy, Head of Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statstics (CAPMAS)