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Solid Waste: A Jewel in the Rough

Date : 4/9/2016

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Waste Management is one of the key problems in Egypt due to the ever-expanding volume and complexity of municipal and agriculture waste. Such waste can be turned into organic fertilizers, energy and refuse-derived fuel (RDF). However, such resources remain untapped, not to mention the wrong misconceptions about the sector as a whole.

The conference provided a forum for discussion of scientific information and work on the current situation of waste management among professionals, researchers, investors, and government officials. In particular, it discussed the need to arrive at suitable strategies to waste management and raises awareness about the importance of linking recycled solid waste products to mega projects such as the reclamation of 1.5 million feddans of desert land, cement industry and energy production, in a way that achieves improved allocation of resources, economic efficiency and better quality of life.