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Education Reform in Egypt: The Road That Must Be Traveled

Date : 1/16/2016

Speakers : See the Program

The Egyptian Center for Economic Studies, the Specialized Presidential Council for Education and Scientific Research and Al Alfi Foundation held a conference on January 16th to contribute together with some of the foremost Egyptian education thought leaders to:

i) Reaching a common understanding of the most critical elements of Egypt’s education reform agenda.

ii) Exploring the new frontier of thinking behind the global education agenda

Following opening remarks, Session I discussed the current status of education in Egypt. In Session II, Professor Pasi Sahlberg, Harvard University Graduate Studies and Professor of Education at the University of Cambridge, shed light on the main elements of the global education reform agenda. Session III focused on the Egyptian education reform agenda. Session IV highlighted the initiatives of the Specialized Presidential Council for Education and Scientific Research. Session V focused on non-governmental initiatives and success stories. The final session discussed the future of education reform in Egypt and key elements thereof, with a view to setting reform priorities.


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