Roundtable Discussions

Paradigm Shift in Industrial Policy Design: Implications for Egypt

Date : 4/28/2015

Speakers : Professor Irmgard Nübler, Senior Economist, International Labour Organisation

Industrial policy (IP) is a set of rules that aim to influence which industries expand and which contract, with a view to enhancing competitiveness and boosting economic growth. IP has become more on economic diversification and sustainable growth. This roundtable revisited the role of the state in economic activities, and discussed the importance of country-specific capabilities and capacities as key determinants of successful IP. In particular, this roundtable attempted to answer the following questions:

1.  How can Egypt optimize its specific capabilities and unleash its latent capacities?

2.  What can Egypt learn from other countries best practices for a successful IP?

3.  What does it take for industrial policy to work in Egypt going forward?