Roundtable Discussions

Egypt's Road Map to Social Justice

Date : 3/20/2014

Speakers : Shantayanan Devarajan, World Bank; Ghada Waly, Minister of Social Solidarity; Sherif El Diwany, ECES

While being a topic of considerable debate, social justice has been generally defined as the ability of citizens to realize their full potential in the society where they live in. There is a variety of approaches for a society to achieve social justice. Whether by reforming policies and institutions like education, health care, safety nets, industrial relations and public services, or by corrective or distributive policies that fight poverty, ensure fair distribution of wealth and guarantee intergenerational equity, societies have economic, social, geographic and political specificities that they need to integrate when designing their social justice policies.In Egypt there is an intense debate on how to identify and prioritize the social justice agenda going forward.

Discussion question: What does other country experience offer Egypt to inform its process of designing and implementing social justice policies?