Roundtable Discussions

Structural Reforms to Enhance the Business Environment in Egypt

Date : 5/29/2012

Speakers : Magda Kandil, ECES; Amina Ghanem, ENCC; Andrew Stone, WB

Egypt’s rankings in institutional quality indices have stagnated or deteriorated over the years. Lack of progress in developing quality institutions has long hampered the economy from achieving its potential, even at times of high growth and private investments. While the focus in the near term is on stabilizing the economy, priorities of structural reforms should be aligned, in parallel, towards easing chronic bottlenecks and positioning the economy on an upward trajectory of growth and competitiveness going forward. On the structural front, it is necessary to address existing impediments towards improving governance and global competitiveness, and reducing the cost of doing business and corruption.

This roundtable discussion focuses on the impact of institutional quality on the business environment in Egypt. The aim is to highlight the impact of long-term rigidity that has long constrained the potential of the economy and the implications of recent developments post the Revolution towards prioritizing the agenda of structural and institutional reforms that would help unlock Egypt’s growth potential. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided.