Roundtable Discussions

Egypt- Laying the Ground for Sustained Growth

Date : 1/23/2011

Speakers : Ratna Sahay (IMF) and Alan MacArthur (IMF)

Egypt weathered the post-Lehman crisis better than many other countries. A strong record of reforms, lower global integration of financial markets, and countercyclical economic policies helped Egypt weather the crisis. Economic growth has resumed since the crisis and while the global outlook is positive, uncertainties are high and the Middle East countries will face stiffer competition from emerging markets in other regions in the coming years. Continuing reforms and preserving macroeconomic stability will be needed to sustain rapid growth of output and provide jobs for the rising number of unemployed youth.Ms. Ratna Sahay, Deputy Director of the Middle East and Central Asia Department, of the International Monetary Fund, and Mr. Alan MacArthur, IMF Mission Chief for Egypt, discussed the world and regional economic outlook and the macroeconomic and structural policies to lay the ground for rapid growth in Egypt.