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The African Economic Outlook 2008/09

Date : 7/8/2009

Speakers : Peter Walkenhorst, AfDB; Jean-Philippe Stijns, OECD; Malak Reda, ECES

The AEO is widely recognized as an authoritative report that provides comprehensive analyses of economic, social and political developments on the African continent. It is produced by the African Development Bank (AfDB), jointly with the OECD and the UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA). The AEO is a comprehensive report that contains country notes analyzing the recent economic situation and the medium-term prospects for each country. A comparative synthesis of Africa’s economic and social prospects that places the evolution of African economies in the world economic context, as well as a statistical appendix are included in this report. Every year, country notes also focus on a special theme of importance to African economies. The 2008/2009 AEO special theme is innovations in information and communications technologies (ICTs). Since 2007/2008, ECES has been contributing to the report by preparing the Egypt country note.